Financial Reporting


As our economy continues to advance toward a service based or tertiary economy, intangible assets will continue to comprise a greater portion of a company’s total value.  The professionals at Western Reserve Valuation Services have extensive experience with the valuation of businesses and intangible assets for financial reporting purposes.  These engagements primarily include valuations for the following accounting standards:

  • Purchase Price Allocations (ASC 805)
  • Indefinite-Lived Asset Impairment Testing (ASC 350)
  • Stock Options and Restricted Stock (ASC 718)
  • Long-lived Asset Impairment (ASC 360)
  • Fair Value Measurements (ASC 820)
  • Fair Value Option for Financial Assets and Financial Liabilities (ASC 825)
  • Embedded Derivative Valuation (ASC 815)
  • Accounting for Certain Financial Instruments with Characteristics of Both Liabilities and Equity (ASC 480)
  • Valuations for Compensation Expense Determination
  • Fresh Start Accounting

Representative clients

  • Huntington Scroll

  • American Industrial Partners Scrollbox

  • Cortec Scrollbox

  • Evapco Scrollbox

  • CFS Scrollbox

  • Stanley Steemer Scrollbox

  • Veeam Scrollbox

  • Catterton Scrollbox

  • Hamilton Beach Scrollbox

  • Optimus Scrollbox