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For What It’s Worth: Who Sees Our Reports? – April 2017

Some private company owners think that appraisal reports become part of the public record, like home sale prices. They rightfully fear disclosure of sensitive information.

Not so!

We maintain strict confidentiality about our involvement/results and so state in our engagement letters and reports. We also restrict readership to clients and their professional advisors.

What about others? Our clients control this!

For tax valuations, our reports accompany and support federal, state, and local tax returns and compliance documents. Government authorities (the IRS, state / local government agencies, the Department of Labor) honor their confidentiality.

Financial accounting reports (e.g., for intangible asset valuations) go only to company officers, directors, and auditors, who maintain confidentiality.

Appraisals for estate planning (e.g. equitable asset allocation, when not tax-related) go only to owners and heirs. No one else is entitled to see them.

Valuations for transactional purposes (mergers, acquisitions, recapitalizations, buy-ins, buy-outs, etc.) go only to business owners, who can choose whether to share them with other parties, usually under confidentiality agreements.

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Western Reserve Valuation Services LLC, based in Columbus, Ohio, is a leading provider of valuation services and financial opinions relating to corporate finance transactions, corporate tax planning and compliance, succession planning and wealth preservation, employee stock ownership plans (“ESOPs”), financial reporting and portfolio / fund valuations. For more information, visit or call (614) 448-3700.

Western Reserve Valuation Services is an affiliate of Western Reserve Partners LLC, a FINRA-member investment banking firm offering financial advisory services relating to mergers and acquisitions, capital raising and financial restructuring. For more information on Western Reserve Partners, please or call (216) 589-0900.

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