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For What It’s Worth: The Venture Capital Boom – October 2016

Until this year, valuation multiples for venture-capital funded startups rose dramatically…again. These high-priced investments had to garner correspondingly high exit prices to generate adequate returns. This was yet another financial bubble, like the dotcom boom, the housing boom and others before that. As we know, bubbles inevitably pop.

One of the boom’s causes was low interest rates coupled with high stock market prices. This caused investors – primarily pension and endowment funds – to seek higher returns,  with venture capital as the major beneficiary.

I am not as concerned about this bubble popping as I was about its predecessors, because venture capital represents a relatively small proportion of total invested capital. Losses will be confined to venture funds, shareholders, and lenders. The venture firms can afford it – it is not their money at risk.  Most venture investors are wealthy enough to absorb losses.

I do worry about founders and employees who, hoping for big payoffs, accepted low salaries in exchange for equity and stock options. They will be the losers. There have already been some media reports of this. If they are young, they have plenty of time to recover. Older employees, with less time, will be hurt the most. My advice to them is to accept lower equity (option) stakes and negotiate higher current compensation packages. That may be very hard to do, but it is prudent!

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