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For What It’s Worth: Precisely Wrong! – June 2015

I cringe when I see appraisals that state overly precise value conclusions; i.e. a per-share value of $1,400.17 or an enterprise value of $1,050,612.  I also cringe when intermediate results, such as the discount rate for cash flow, are overly precise, e.g. 20.42%.

The reason I cringe is that this apparent precision is misleading.  Every valuation assumption is subject to uncertainty, and the uncertainty associated with all of the assumptions is cumulative to the value conclusion.

Here is a simple example. When we “build up” a discount rate, we add up components such as the Treasury bond rate (which is accurate to several decimal points).  The last one is the “specific company equity risk premium,” an amount that reflects the risks unique to a particular company.  This is subjective.  The discount rate is rounded to a reasonable degree of significance.

Be very leery of an appraisal report that does not round off these items.  That could be a sign of omniscience for valuation precision, which is non-existent in high-quality appraisals.

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